Statement of Mar Roxas on Mayor Duterte’s rape joke, dictatorship, alliance with the NPA, and Davao City’s crime problem

I reiterate what I said the other day: Mayor Duterte is the biggest and gravest threat to our democracy. He is a dictator. We have seen this in how he carries himself; we have seen this through his opinions; we have seen this in how he acts, with his viewpoint as the only valid one.

 Judge, jury, executioner. He is all of those. Only his viewpoint is allowed in his ideal society. We have experienced this before. We went through the period of the dictatorship, and we rejected it. We fought for our democracy, and now that we have an working democracy, there is another individual who seeks to lord it over us.

 The opposite of that mindset is the Straight Path, where we recognize our countrymen as the bosses. This is why I will lead the fight against Mayor Duterte. I will do all in my power to stop him because I do not want a dictatorship in our nation.


He has no respect. The most recent proof of this is his joke about a missionary who was raped. She was a missionary, an innocent person who was helping our countrymen. She was raped. I assume you have heard what Mayor Duterte said about this—that he wishes he could have had her first.

 Was that the right thing to say? Rape is personal to the victim. In fact, each crime is personal to its victim. They are the victims, and it is obviously a serious matter to them. The effects are not limited to the physical. Rape violates one's dignity. Rape is not just a crime of sex.

 Rape is a crime of control. Rape is a crime of subjugation. What differentiates torture from rape? In torture, you handcuff a person and subject him to things that he dislikes. Rape is the same. So this is a serious matter. I do not want our country's President to be someone who views these grave matters as Duterte does, as though one can joke lightly about them. It is not right, and I will not permit it.

His programs are founded on lies. He has said, countless times, that within three to six months, he will get rid of crime in our country. But he’s led Davao for over twenty years—and Davao City is number one in murder incidence in the entire Philippines. Number two for rape incidence. Number three for homicide incidence in the entire country.

 No one can say that Davao City is a good example, is the model when it comes to anti-criminality, when criminality is so widespread in Davao City. Even drugs, which Mayor Duterte says makes him extremely angry. Wherever you go, you can buy drugs in Davao City.

 They’re extremely cheap. Davao City is overrun with drugs. So how can he do for the entire country something that he wasn’t able to do in the very city in which he was the mayor—the peace and order council chairman?

 That’s why I believe his platform is based on lies. Third, he wants to be president of our country. Part of that is being commander-in-chief. How will he be a good commander-in-chief, if he’s on the side of—if he’s allied with, and supports the NPA, who kill our soldiers and policemen?


That isn’t right. These illegal—these criminal, rebel NPA members shouldn’t be coddled. They collect revolutionary taxes not only from businessmen, but also from ordinary farmers. Every sitio, barangay the NPA visit, they ask for rice, food, and other kinds of “taxes.”

 That’s what they call the revolutionary tax. The contractors of the roads we’re building—the NPA also tax them. That’s why it becomes more expensive, why construction is so slow, why it takes so long.

 In some areas, no one wants to bid, because the NPA “taxes” those who construct roads and bridges in different parts of the country. That is why, Mayor Duterte, I will be your enemy. I will not allow a dictatorship in our country.




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